Library SPRINGFIELD – Local libraries in Springfield, Decatur and Litchfield will soon receive a combined $300,000 to improve services and offer new products to residents, State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield) announced Thursday.

“Investing in our libraries by providing free access to educational, news and historical resources helps keep our communities informed with facts,” said Turner. “These grants will be used to help children and families learn and grow for years to come.”

The Lincoln Library located in Springfield will receive $171,468.75, part of $18.1 million in grants awarded to 638 public libraries across the state. The Decatur Public Library is expected to receive $112,279.95 and the Litchfield Public Library District will receive $13,263.20.

For more than 40 years, the Illinois Public Library Per Capita and Equalization Aid Grants Program has helped public libraries with a low library tax base to ensure a minimum level of funding for library services.

“People depend on their public libraries for a wide variety of services,” said Turner. “Libraries often help our children find a love for reading that they can carry with them for their entire lives.”

For more information on the grants, people can visit the secretary of state’s website.