TURNER HB 5015 rSPRINGFIELD – With America’s 250th birthday approaching in a few years, State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield) says it’s time to get the party planning started.

“This is a tremendous occasion. Our great country has a deep and beautiful history to highlight,” Turner said. “I am honored to play a role in this historic event.”

Turner, a Democrat from Springfield, was the chief Senate sponsor of a newly signed law that officially creates the Illinois party planning committee to work on how to best celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence on and around July 4, 2026. That law, first filed in House Bill 5015, was signed last Friday by the governor.

“This is a special time for the nation as we reflect on our history and accomplishments while also charting a course for the future,” Turner said. “Celebrations will ring from the coast of Maine to the glaciers of Alaska, and we want to make sure Illinois joins in those celebrations with a truly special program.”

Members of the Illinois America 250 Commission would be appointed by the governor, lieutenant governor and legislative leaders and would reflect the diversity of people, experiences and industries of Illinois. The commission would be in charge of planning, promoting and implementing an appropriate commutations.

The commission will work to highlight important milestones in our state’s history in relation to our nation’s history.


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Turner Officer Statement rLITCHFIELD – The City of Litchfield will soon see $2 million in improvements at the industrial park development thanks to State Senator Doris Turner’s continued support of the state’s major multi-year infrastructure plan.

“Litchfield, in recent years, has grown to become a regional hub for business and development that has propelled the city to new prosperity,” said Turner (D-Springfield). “I want to help continue the growth that will fuel Litchfield for years to come.”

A total of $2 million has been allocated through the next disbursement of Rebuild Illinois program funding to extend natural gas and electrical utilities within the city's industrial park development. The project in the district Turner represents is one of 27 projects announced Tuesday totaling $50.7 million. 

The Turner-backed multi-year infrastructure plan – Rebuild Illinois – brings forth a total of $1.5 billion spread out in six installments to be invested over three years to advance municipal, township and county projects across the state. Projects include road and bridge improvements, traffic signal upgrades, new storm sewers and bike paths, sidewalk replacements and other long-term maintenance needs.

“This vital investment into the industrial park will go a long way in serving the residents of Litchfield and the surrounding area,” Turner said. “That’s why I am a proud supporter of the Rebuild Illinois Plan – because it’s not just about infrastructure, it’s about our community.”

A full list of projects funded by the Rebuild Illinois plan can be found by visiting the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s website.


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TURNER SB 3019 rSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield) championed a recently signed law that ensures child sex offenders will not be able to work at the Illinois State Fair.

“The Illinois State Fair is a hallmark event that the public looks forward to every year,” Turner said. “This law will send a clear message that we will do everything in our power to protect that notion and ensure the safety and enjoyment for our children.”

Under Turner’s law, a child sex offender would not be able to work at a carnival, amusement enterprise, or county or state fair.

During the 2021 Illinois State Fair, a convicted child sex offender was discovered to be working a children's ride. A legal loophole in the past law left the Illinois State Fair in a state of ambiguity. Turner’s law closes that loophole.

“We are showing our commitment to protecting youth and families when they visit the fair,” Turner said. “I am grateful that we came together to work on this commonsense solution to ensure that our state fair remains a great family-friendly destination.”

Senate Bill 3019 was signed into law on Friday and takes effect on January 1, 2023.

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Turner Retail Theft rSPRINGFIELD – Drivers across Illinois will benefit from a package of measures that aim to deter future car thefts and hijackings thanks to the support of State Senator Doris Turner.

According to a January report from CNN, cities around the country have seen an increase in the rate of carjackings.

“No one should ever have to fear if their car will be violently taken from them. But unfortunately the sad reality is more and more people are becoming victims of carjackings each day,” said Turner (D-Springfield). “This has to stop. We must do all we can to combat this nationwide epidemic and alleviate the financial and emotional stress these crimes cause.”

House Bill 601 modernizes the definition of the possession of burglary tools offense to include next generation carjacking technology. Car thieves have exploited new technology that can pick up the RFID signal from a key fob at a distance, allowing a victim’s vehicle to be unlocked or stolen even while the fob remains in their home. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Illinois saw a 13% increase in car thefts from 2019-2020.

House Bill 3699 will provide law enforcement with additional resources to coordinate efforts to put a stop to carjackings. Under the legislation, the Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council – made up of representatives from the insurance industry, state’s attorneys and law enforcement – will be tasked with working together to reduce carjackings. The Council currently provides grant funding to three task forces – comprised of law enforcement and state’s attorneys – which investigate and prosecute motor vehicle threat and similar crimes.

House Bill 3772 will provide protections for victims of carjackings who receive red light or speed camera violations after their vehicle has been hijacked. Under the new law, if a person receives a citation due to one of these camera violations, the court or hearing officer would be able to consider whether the vehicle was hijacked before the violation occurred or the victim not under the control of or possession of the vehicle at the time of violation. 

“Technology has rapidly advanced in the recent years, and our laws need to advance as well,” Turner said. “These measures do just that. This isn’t just a win for drivers, it’s a win for law enforcement.”

The new laws take effect Jan. 1, 2023.

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