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TURNER SB 3865 rSPRINGFIELD – A new pilot program to provide crime survivors with more comprehensive resources and support is coming to Springfield thanks to a law backed by State Senator Doris Turner.

“Victims of violent crime often trauma and repercussions long after the crime occurred,” Turner said. “This law aims to support those victims and help them find closure and better manage their lives.”

Turner serves as a chief co-sponsor on House Bill 4736, which will create a Co-Responder Pilot Program within the Springfield Police Department. The program’s primary focus would be to provide crisis intervention, case management, advocacy and ongoing emotional support to victims of all crimes, particularly to those that cause a high level of trauma. The program – which will launch within the next six months – will allow social workers and mental health professionals to work alongside law enforcement officers on calls involving those who may need mental or behavioral health services. 

“By supporting victims and witnesses of violent crimes, we are focusing on public safety as a whole,” Turner said. “Early access to this program will make Springfield residents feel safer and more supported.”

The Co-Responder Pilot Program will also be implemented in the Peoria, East St. Louis and Waukegan.

House Bill 4736 was signed into law and took immediate effect.

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TURNER HB 3459 rSPRINGFIELD –State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield) championed a recently signed law to honor the families of our state’s fallen heroes with the presentation of an Illinois flag.

“Our country would not be where it is today without the sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform,” Turner said. “This law will help show the respect we have for the families that pay the ultimate sacrifice.”

Under Turner’s law, if an Illinois resident dies while on State Active Duty or Federal Active Duty, their next of kin would be presented the Illinois state flag by military personnel.

“The families of fallen heroes are presented with our nation’s flag as a token of gratitude and condolences from a grateful nation,” Turner said. “The presentation of our state flag serves as a symbol of our esteemed gratitude.”

SB 3459 was signed into law on Friday and goes into effect July 1, 2023.   

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Turner Spr Clinic 2 rSPRINGFIELD Rural health advocates gathered Thursday at Springfield Clinic to honor State Senator Doris Turner for her hard work on the passage of legislation aimed to increase access to health care for rural communities in Illinois.

“Our rural health centers across the state have struggled to maintain adequate staff,” said Turner (D-Springfield). “This law will mean that people across the state will have more access to high quality health care by incentivizing medical professionals to work in underserved areas.”

Private rural health clinics have opened across the state with the goal of providing the same quality care as hospitals in more urban areas. Medical professionals working in private clinics, often in historically underserved areas, were previously not eligible for loan forgiveness despite providing quality care to residents of rural communities. Senate Bill 3017, which was signed into law in May, ensures that the medical professionals who work in private rural health facilities also receive loan forgiveness.

"Senate Bill 3017 will help enhance recruitment and retention efforts,” said Phil Johnson, MD with Litchfield Family Practice. “Doctors, physician assistants and advanced practice nurses for rural health care facilities are very concerned about both recruiting and retaining skilled medical staff.”

The new law is now in effect.

Category: Press Releases

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